Monday, 7 September 2015

Design Logo using negative space element!

Negative space is a vital factor in designing site layouts and corporate identity while it is very complicated technique to merge the negative space in designs but if you learn the art, it helps in creating a unique brand identity. Most of the designers call it as a white space and devotes quantity time to design logo.

How negative space is defined?

It is the blank or unfilled area around the object. In most simple terms, it is defined as a breathing room around the subject that shows how engaging the design looks. Most of the individuals don’t like the designs when they are too much crafted or crowded. They find it more interesting when the subjects or objects have plenty of unfilled spaces as it gives more appealing look. With this technique designing elements are divided into different sections, making them simpler to understand and process information in separate chunks. 

Effectiveness of negative space

It helps in gaining a lot of attention for your business. When individuals look at the design created with negative space, they get to visualize an appealing and engaging design. A strong stability between intrigue and negative space helps in enticing the audience to pay out some extra time looking at the brand symbols.

To create these types of design is very simple, but for the viewer it looks entirely different and they appreciate these designs. It is more rewarding for them as they get the feeling of inclusion in figuring the hidden message. So, it is effective to design logo using negative space as it helps in sticking in the minds of the viewers.

Following are some examples of corporate identity with negative space:


The peacock in the NBC brand symbol portrays the best example of negative space. The shape of peacock’s feather is formed with the different colors giving it a clear definition with balancing the head and body of the peacock.

Yoga Australia

The symbol of this brand displays the person performing yoga and it has used the negative space so effectively that it gives visual treat to their on-lookers as the arm and leg forms the shape of Australia.

Final words

Negative space is an important aspect in designing as it changes the perception of designs and their presentation. This technique helps in getting more attention and the designs retain in the minds of customers for a long period.

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