Monday, 7 September 2015

Design Logo using negative space element!

Negative space is a vital factor in designing site layouts and corporate identity while it is very complicated technique to merge the negative space in designs but if you learn the art, it helps in creating a unique brand identity. Most of the designers call it as a white space and devotes quantity time to design logo.

How negative space is defined?

It is the blank or unfilled area around the object. In most simple terms, it is defined as a breathing room around the subject that shows how engaging the design looks. Most of the individuals don’t like the designs when they are too much crafted or crowded. They find it more interesting when the subjects or objects have plenty of unfilled spaces as it gives more appealing look. With this technique designing elements are divided into different sections, making them simpler to understand and process information in separate chunks. 

Effectiveness of negative space

It helps in gaining a lot of attention for your business. When individuals look at the design created with negative space, they get to visualize an appealing and engaging design. A strong stability between intrigue and negative space helps in enticing the audience to pay out some extra time looking at the brand symbols.

To create these types of design is very simple, but for the viewer it looks entirely different and they appreciate these designs. It is more rewarding for them as they get the feeling of inclusion in figuring the hidden message. So, it is effective to design logo using negative space as it helps in sticking in the minds of the viewers.

Following are some examples of corporate identity with negative space:


The peacock in the NBC brand symbol portrays the best example of negative space. The shape of peacock’s feather is formed with the different colors giving it a clear definition with balancing the head and body of the peacock.

Yoga Australia

The symbol of this brand displays the person performing yoga and it has used the negative space so effectively that it gives visual treat to their on-lookers as the arm and leg forms the shape of Australia.

Final words

Negative space is an important aspect in designing as it changes the perception of designs and their presentation. This technique helps in getting more attention and the designs retain in the minds of customers for a long period.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Add best features to your E-commerce website

There are many features that you should consider when setting up an e-commerce website. Below described are few features which confirm that your website is fully ready for online sales and services.

§  A Box for Quick Search: A well-organized search box helps your visitors to quickly search the products and services that they want to buy

§  Product Details: Displaying your product details and sales offer on the home page allows your visitors to get attracted and generate interest in your business

§  Subscription of Newsletter:  with this feature your users enter their email address and get connected with the latest news and updates, product promotions and offers of your business.

§  Product Images: It serves as a good feature because it gives your customers to see the minute details of your product offerings.

§  Category List: It is imperative to have a clear categories list on your e-commerce website to display your product and services and place it effectively so that  customers find it easy to reach

§  Structure of Navigation: this feature helps visitors to reach different sections of your site and gets them a link that directs to the shopping cart

§  Secure Gateway Payment: Always use secure payment solutions for your website because it builds trust among your visitors. Use an account that your customers may find secure and trustworthy

§  Privacy policy:  It is important to display your privacy policy to your visitors

§  Products Return Policy: Clearly mention your product return policy as it creates a sense of assurance and trust among your visitors about your brand. Moreover, it helps to generate sales because visitors feel safe to buy your products

§  Log in or Sign-up: Allow sign-up for your site because it helps your customer to check their billing and payment details

§  Delivery Details: Clearly mention that how products get delivered and mention the time scale of delivery

§  Upcoming Events:  This feature helps your customers to know the details of the upcoming events, innovative products and other details related to your services. For this use blog for your site

§  Social existence: it is important for your customers to know that you are on the social media forums because it helps you to interact with your customers and get feedback for your business
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Cheap Logo Design - A Slow Poison For Your Business

In today’s competitive world, brand identity serves as a primary marketing tool and helps in building a positive image of the brand. It represents the face of your company and allows the customer to remember and recognize your business among the competitors. However, a cheap logo design is not capable enough to attract your potential customers.

Business person or entrepreneurs who really care about brand identity and considers it as the face of the company are the one who create successful brands and those who don’t, they just fail miserably.
Your brand identity is everything! Hence, professional designers give their best to create a superior brand identity that is not only acknowledged but also trusted by customers.

To cut the story short, a brand identity symbolizes your brand and if you design it poorly, you are sure to fail the competition.

Below mentioned are the reasons which make it clear that why a cheap logo design act as a slow poison for your business.

Ruins your brand image

A poor brand identity misrepresents your business values and concepts to your valuable customers which lead to damaging your brand image. If your target market fails to pick the brand message, then all your marketing techniques and efforts may result in total disaster. Once your corporate reputation gets damaged, it takes years to build the positive image.

Hurt emotions of your intended customers

A poorly designed brand identity fails to pay adequate attention to the emotions and feelings of the target customers. For instance, it may unintentionally make fun of certain group or religion, promotes racism or show hatred for a minority group. Such blunders result in awful consequences for an organization.

Cost you more than the professionals

Just to save few dollars, many initial start-ups or new ventures prefer getting their brand identity designed from amateur artists who have no professional experience in designing corporate brand identity. Eventually, their brand identity fails to attract the intended audience and results in poor sales and brand recognition.
So, it is important to avoid cheap logo design because it ruins your corporate reputation and decline your sales.

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

How To Recognize Expert Design Logo Services In The Market?

Generally speaking, a business can find thousands of designing services of logo identity, for say in an hour. You can search for such services by finding them online, asking your friends, social network, colleagues and even design it yourself. But, compromising on quality is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, many business entrepreneurs and marketers prefer going for professional services instead of amateur ones. Again, there are many amateur and learning designers who claim to be professionals. The question arises: how to recognize the expert design logo services?

1. Behavior

What sets the professional different from an amateur is the way he communicates and behaves with his client. Take the test yourself and approach both a professional designer and an amateur artist. You will see the difference only in the first call. The professional designer or the designing team is friendly, supportive and cooperative. If, you are not able to reach, they get back to you professionally.

2. Communication

When you give them a call, they do not say yes and no in a second for your order, but ask questions. this is a plus point for you need to be clear in your head what your logo will reflect and you need to define your designer the same purpose with clarity. The answers to all the questions asked help the designer create the very logo you have in mind, even better, to serve as your brand identity.

3. Design brief

Professional and designing experts always ask for a certain design brief from the client. It is a form on which the client mentions details about the logo. This serves as a guide to the designer and as a proof for the designer in case the client backs off from what he asked for. With the design logo from the brief, the pro artist discovers your vision, competitive edge, unique strength

4. Guarantee

The professional designer takes the client in confidence and looks for feedback, assuring guaranteed customer satisfaction and even money-back guarantee like Logo Design Best gives. Guarantee assures that the designer won’t run away after taking your money and will give you honest, creative work until the end.

5. Feedback

It is the specialty of a professional designer that he looks for the client’s feedback, no matter how positive or negative. Client’s comments give him the value and honesty, taking the criticism positively, which only a professional does. Feedback helps the designer know that all the elements are present in the logo such as legibility, color scheme, font, style, strokes, layout, etc.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Say No To Free Logo Generator To Save Your Business Identity

Yes, saving your business identity is important and crucial for your business survival and positive impression in the market with a lasting stance. If you look around in the industry your business is, you will notice your competitors adopting various branding and marketing strategies and tactics to win over the competition and target market. One way to survive, strive and become successful is through the brand logo.

It is the brand identity through which the business reflects its essence and core concept with unique strengths across the market to pull the potential clients and retain the existing ones. For a business logo is professional, unique and creative so it successfully wins over the market for a lasting, strong, positive position in the market like the logos designed by the professional company, Logo Design Best.

On the contrary, not all business entrepreneurs and marketers are wise enough to trust a professional company and get a corporate business identity to reap positive results. Some of them choose free logo generator to save their money, time and effort in getting a brand logo for their business representation. Though this seems right but this is wrong in so many ways that this article might serve as an eye-opener for some of them to save their business reputation before it’s too late.

With such a shortcut you get a logo easily and quickly. But, the long-lasting effects are really dangerous and non-reliable. Creating logo for a brand is not an easy task and this is why trusting software to generate brand identity is nothing but foolishness. You definitely need not take risk with these shortcuts. Undoubtedly, the offer given by such free generator is tempting and appealing, yet it is not the end of the world, so it won’t harm your business to wait few days for a corporate identity rather than a free design.

A free logo generator gives you the following:

On-time logo
Thousands of designs to choose from
Various design options
No or low charges

This is what such software doesn't give your brand:

A promising design
Unique concept
Inspirational idea
Creative logo
Reflection of corporate style and professionalism
Customized design and style
Flexibility and scalability of the logo

The source of this logo generating software is not reliable and credible. It doesn't even promise original designs and unique concepts to represents the true essence of business concept and brand identity. Care about your business identity before it’s too late. Focus on your business concept to make it a success in the market. Get professionally customized designs from the professional graphic artist team of Logo Design Best.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

5 Effective Tips To Keep Your Ecommerce Website Active And Running

As a website is important for an online business, so is an E-commerce website crucial for an online store. This is why you must maintain a solid foundation via your website to keep building and marketing your brand. Your business products and services are crucial for you to set your business distinctive apart from the rivals and gain trust from the search engines. The top search engines only provide their customers with the most relevant content in reply to their queries. 

You need to prove your worth to the search engines that you are a valuable, consistent and influential online store where customers rely on your store easily and visit it. 

1. Error-free website

Your E-commerce store is your solid foundation of your brand. Without the technical error or issues, the site gives the users a positive experience and builds trust. Do scan your site regularly to detect and fix any errors. The important issues are the missing title and Meta, errors, blocked pages, duplicate content, unfriendly URLs and slow loading times. Regular detection and scanning for errors gives a smooth look to your website and a great user experience to your visitors. 

2. Keyword Research

Conduct thorough research and analyze for the best keywords for your categories. Select the most high-rated and right keywords for your business. Do not select keywords which are too broad. Select the keywords which are business-relevant and are not much competitive but have a high search volume. Build your categories around the keywords you are willing to target. 

3. Physical Location

Even with an online store, you need a physical location. Submitting your business with relevant niche directories with consistent citation provides the search engines the proof that your business is the real entity. It builds trust and belief of the potential customers on your brand and gives them a new way to connect with your business. 

4. Blogging

Fresh and relevant content through the blog let your site live an online entity. Blogging is the chance to establish your brand authority and unleash many opportunities to reach out to the audience through new products, social media platforms and valuable customer insights. 

5. Easy navigation

Easy navigation gives the customers a smooth visit to your Ecommerce website. It doesn't annoy or frustrate the customers. Make sure you have separate categories for easy website navigation and also you have filtered the capabilities, highlighted the CTAs and provided easy, consistent, clear search results. 

It is your responsibility to make your online store a happening and an exciting shop for visit by the current and potential customers. With compelling content, mobile experience, social media and realistic SEO strategy you are likely to win over your audience in no time. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

How a professional logo maker contributes to your business

Over the years, the business logo has spread its wings smoothly. Initially the logo was only considered as an important tool strengthening the business growth but with the passage of time it has become an important marketing element around the world. Do you know why this is so? Because the benefits associated with the logo have increased, thus increasing its importance. The professional logo maker team ensures that the business logo does wonders in support and favor of the business growth and success. But, there are certain conditions to it which intertwine with the company progress.

Quick Recognition

Business environment is diversified immensely today with deep roots of communication and marketing. When you are about to launch and introduce your business make sure that you conduct effective promotion to capture the target audience attention through the logo. Also, make sure that the logo is enough to explain the business attributes to the current and potential customers.

Promotion & Marketing

With unique and original designing you clearly represent your business philosophy and vision to grab audience attention quickly. This encourages the targeted customers take more interest in your brand and what you have to offer, increasing the number of your current customers. The professional makers realize the importance and utilize the chance to bring more business in the company by attracting the audience through audience-relevant designing elements.

Corporate Value

The professional and sound quality logo increases the business worth and value. People understand a great deal about the business just by looking at the logo. The professionally creative, simple understandable logo also boosts the marketing collateral of the business. The single graphic alone is enough to represent the business and convey its true essence meaning via creative and inspirational conceptualization.

Market Exposure

It is the best part about the professional logo maker that he always creates logo concepts which are relevant to the target audience and the business story. This is why the professional logo instantly clicks the audience and makes the business hit in the market. Your business identity helps you attract potential customers and keeps the current ones. Only you need professional services from Logo Design Best with cost-effective deals to do the job for you.

Trustworthy Image

A promising design of the logo with quality, creativity, relevancy, flexibility earns target customers’ trust on the business. The promising image sets a corporate stature of your business image. With its simple, creative and distinctive features it gives the business an outstanding reputation in the market.