Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Add best features to your E-commerce website

There are many features that you should consider when setting up an e-commerce website. Below described are few features which confirm that your website is fully ready for online sales and services.

§  A Box for Quick Search: A well-organized search box helps your visitors to quickly search the products and services that they want to buy

§  Product Details: Displaying your product details and sales offer on the home page allows your visitors to get attracted and generate interest in your business

§  Subscription of Newsletter:  with this feature your users enter their email address and get connected with the latest news and updates, product promotions and offers of your business.

§  Product Images: It serves as a good feature because it gives your customers to see the minute details of your product offerings.

§  Category List: It is imperative to have a clear categories list on your e-commerce website to display your product and services and place it effectively so that  customers find it easy to reach

§  Structure of Navigation: this feature helps visitors to reach different sections of your site and gets them a link that directs to the shopping cart

§  Secure Gateway Payment: Always use secure payment solutions for your website because it builds trust among your visitors. Use an account that your customers may find secure and trustworthy

§  Privacy policy:  It is important to display your privacy policy to your visitors

§  Products Return Policy: Clearly mention your product return policy as it creates a sense of assurance and trust among your visitors about your brand. Moreover, it helps to generate sales because visitors feel safe to buy your products

§  Log in or Sign-up: Allow sign-up for your site because it helps your customer to check their billing and payment details

§  Delivery Details: Clearly mention that how products get delivered and mention the time scale of delivery

§  Upcoming Events:  This feature helps your customers to know the details of the upcoming events, innovative products and other details related to your services. For this use blog for your site

§  Social existence: it is important for your customers to know that you are on the social media forums because it helps you to interact with your customers and get feedback for your business
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