Saturday, 21 June 2014

3 Ways To Make Your Website Design Productive

Launching a website is not enough. You need to make it productive and lucrative, easy to connect with the audience. There is all the difference in the world between the good design and a very good design. Your audience, while visiting your site, won’t think of fonts and white space. That’s your job! Make it eye-catchy and attractive for the audience so they just feel right visiting your site. It is not necessary that you follow all the major design rules and get the right design straightaway, work on it thoroughly according to your target market and business concept for the spot on websitedesign.

User-friendly experience

Make your site interactive by having a design for humans for a perfect first impression. Make your site easy to use with easy steps, layout, and instructions so your audience knows where to go next. Focus on the design according to the action you want your audience to take in every step, and how the visitors will expect the website to work for them. You can give your audience great user-friendly experience by adding interactive and attractive elements like colorful content, links and buttons. Make sure to create a consistent site, directing visitors where to go next. Make it easy for the visitors to learn your site’s interface by using common patterns throughout the layout. Add easy-to-read content with the right contrast with the background and text color.

Trigger emotions

Persuade, motivate, encourage and arouse audience emotions with your website design. Study your target market and play with their feelings with the right images, colors, fonts, shapes and affect the audience decisions related to the brand, products and services. Make your products and brands look attractive and better than your competitors’ like Logo Design Best creates compelling and killer websites. Arouse feelings and trigger audience emotions. Remain consistent with the brand emotions throughout the design. Give your visitors the surprise element so that they remember and recall their website with positive impression. Associate positive and arouse favorable feelings with desired actions like thumps-up, smiley faces or check marks.

Communicate business story

Make your website an effective and successful communication of your business story and concept. Keep your audience interested and engaged with surprising elements, attractive design, good images and narratives. Add various illustrations and size strips to communicate business story effectively. Create a progressive layout with proper narrative using a vertical design for easy flow and eye movement. Add an easy flow, clear connection and understandable content division. Have a good visual balance for smooth reading. Have an encouraging call-to-action and keep audience spirits high. 


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