Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What attracts e shoppers?

Shopping online is really common these days, there’s a huge population of online buyers or shoppers who love to shop online, on a click! But attracting e shoppers to your online store is not that easy. there are a couple of factors that are going to attract your e shoppers and keep them loyal to your online shop.

The most important  thing to consider over here is to have your online store build on a proper Ecommerce website, if you have an online shop that is easy to navigate its user friendly, its compelling, it tells the viewers about all the product categories easily then you’ll notice a good amount of users coming to your e commerce website everyday! And a huge population will click and place those orders, availability of stock also plays an important role here, don’t just add other sellers, or brands to your online shop if you can’t deliver their products on time, free delivery or a delivery for a nominal cost also attracts a variety of internet buyers or e shoppers !

The design of your online store is also very important, just having several product pages , with no images or proper product information will turn your buyers away, the design is crucial it may make your viewers stay on the page for a longer duration or hover around the page before placing a final order. Also make sure that all your discount; sales are properly projected on your e-commerce website, you need to know that your customers may need to talk to someone for information that’s not mentioned on your website. So always add a proper working contact number on your e-commercewebsite or online store.

Once you have a good amount of clients, make a list of users and start e campaigning, this also attracts the e shoppers, as they get to know about the latest promotions and discounts happening in your online shop! If you are introducing a new brand - a new product category or a new service category on your e commerce website you should inform your existing clients with the help of attractive email marketing campaigns.

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